Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Email sent to Piantedosi Family

Here is the email Vicki sent out to the Piantedosi Clan.

Hello all,
Thought you might like the highlights of Jenny and Justin's trip to Europe.  Clearly I have too much time on my hands and I'm an awful poet, but it gave me something to do on a Saturday morning!  Enjoy!

Off to Europe Jenny and Justin went in a whirl,
Giving Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France a twirl!

Seeing Germany in its splendor on a cruise down the Rhine,
Extolling the sights of castles and landscape as simply divine!

Off to see the Alps covered with snow of crystal white,
They proclaimed the ride up a tram a breathtaking sight!

Following their Swiss adventures and snow covered mountains,
They toured Vatican City and Rome, the land of sparkling fountains!

The perfect end to the trip was Paris for several nights
Charmed by the Eiffel Tower and the twinkling city lights!

Oops, forgot the absolutely most impressive sight,
Their smiles when they arrived home Friday night!

For along their splendid journey Justin proposed and Jenny said yes,
Now they're planning the future and she’s looking for the perfect wedding dress!

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