Andrew Querner is Justin’s best man.  Justin and Andrew have been friends since elementary school and have remained friends despite the nearly 200 miles that have consistently separated them during middle school, high school, college, and even now in the “real world.”  They stay in touch the same way any two guys would in this modern age – via IM at work, and via video games at home.  Andrew is getting married the month after Justin and Justin will be in Andrew’s wedding as his best man.

Jeff Fissel and Justin are not technically involved in a common law marriage, but only because the great Commonwealth of Virgina does not recognize them.  However, anybody that has known Justin or Jeff can attest that the pair are as close to a state-recognized relationship as any two people can be, especially considering they have been roommates since sophomore year (2003) at the great academic institution of George Mason University.  Jeff once tried to have Justin kicked out of school by making him co-host a hot tub party out of the window of their on-campus housing.

Chuck Anderson and Justin met junior year of college, though it seems much longer than that (in a good way!).  Chuck allows Justin to express his innermost geek without passing judgment.  It is most likely because of this that they are such good friends, constantly trying to one-up each other in nerditude (that word is not in the dictionary, but Chuck will appreciate it).  I think at last count, Chuck is up, but only because he gets bonus points for being married and keeping up his nerdy habits.

Will Waite kept an eye on Jenny at JMU before he even realized that doing so was his sole mission in life.  Of course, don’t tell that to his wife, who roomed with Jenny before they were married.  Justin and Will dating women in the same household was a quick recipe to make either a lifelong friendship or an arch-nemesis, fortunately, in their case, it was the former (currently Justin is still accepting applications for arch-nemeses as he no longer has a downstairs neighbor who bangs on the ceiling every time he walked too loudly).

Doug Spahr is Justin’s go-to person for claiming to know somebody currently serving in the military.  Justin and Doug met at the former Circuit City and later roomed together.  They quickly became close friends, as they seemed to be the only two employees of the late company that had any sense.  Some would say it was a coincidence that Circuit City folded after the two model employees departed, but those people obviously have never worked at the electronics retailer (former).  Unfortunately, Doug will be unable to attend the wedding as he will be serving our country in Iraq.  I hope you all send your prayers to him as he serves our country.
Jen Livesey- Maiden of Honor
“Jen and Jenn’s” friendship began around the time they were eight years old, on the car rides to CCD at St. John Neumann Church, which Jenn P.  dreaded with a passion. (Yes, riding with Jen L. was the only fun part of CCD.) In elementary school they quickly became the dynamic duo and remained so despite spending the majority of high school and college in different places.  A teacher in high school once told them during a class debate that they had absolutely no valid points, but they were so convincing that people believed them.  Jen has also been known to *literally* kick people in the butt for being mean to Jenn. Now that’s friendship!

Amanda Hartman
Jenny isn’t exactly sure when she met Amanda but it’s probably safe to assume it was shortly after she was born- probably about 5 minutes after she arrived home from the hospital.  She feels as if Amanda and the Hartman family are solely responsible for all the extracurricular activities she ever participated in, as Amanda and Jenny spent many days (weeks, years?) swimming and playing soccer together, as well vacationing together and making up very cool dances on the side. Stay tuned for some amazing dance moves at the wedding! Line dancing is their specialty!

Amy Rhodes
Fate and nothing more brought Jenny and Amy together.  The two were randomly placed together as freshman roommates at JMU and life would never be the same again. At first they seemed to be polar opposites, but no roommates were better suited for each other.  Their friendship only grew as Amy jet-setted around the world living on three different continents since college graduation.  Amy has taught Jenny much about life, including the importance of a good Jack Handy quote, the deliciousness of cookie dough in the microwave, and how to make an awesome music mix!

Chrissy Waite
Jenny’s friendship with Chrissy began over two common passions: swimming and JMU. The two met junior year through club swimming when Chrissy began dating Will (they are now married!), a friend of Jenny’s from high school.  Jenny and Chrissy were roommates for several years post-college while they enjoyed a two year stint in Fairfax. Chrissy was kind enough to listen in detail to the ins and outs of Jenny’s experience in nursing school (and goodness knows there were a lot of stories!). They can usually be found shopping, playing with Chrissy’s puppy, dancing in the living room, wine tasting, and watching chick flicks.

Katie DuBoff
Katie and Jenny met through yet another huge part of Jenny’s life: band!  Jenny met Katie in 7th grade and they played in the band together for 9 years from Franklin Middle, to Oakton High, to the James Madison MRDS.  They have done a great deal of traveling together from Myrtle Beach to Orlando to Canada to Ireland and Germany. They were ironically placed in the same freshman dorm at JMU where they would frequently pow-wow and marvel at college life.  Katie is Jenny’s favorite Irish woman- the seemingly quiet type with a witty comment at just the right moment!

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